SEA Co-Directors:

chris_burtChris Burt, MEd, is a certificated instructor for the State of Washington. Chris brings 10 years of classroom instruction and four years of educational nonprofit administration experience to his work. He holds a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction and a US Coast Guard Master’s License. He currently serves as adjunct faculty for Lesley University and as an academic mentor for Western Governor’s University.


SUSIE-COMPRESSEDSusie Richards, MEd, is a Washington State Certified Teacher who has worked in the middle school setting for the past 15 years. She has served as a program director for a wide range of educational programs. She is a fellow in the Washington State Consortium for Contextual Teaching and Learning and currently serves as an academic mentor with Western Governor’s University and instructs for Heritage Institute / Antioch University’s extension programs. She holds a master’s degree in education from Antioch University with a focus in community-based education.

Chris and Susie have worked in supporting and creating ongoing community- and school-based collaborative educational partnerships for more than 16 years, designing and implementing more than 100 marine expeditions. They are both experienced in grant writing and assisting in the development of dynamic community partnerships.

Director of Grants and Evaluation:

peter-enramadaPeter Blaustein, MSW, serves as our director of grants and evaluation, researching and writing grant proposals, coordinating SEA program evaluation, and working with the SEA team to develop and implement effective programming. Peter has two decades of experience working with diverse populations in nonprofit service settings. He has coordinated the evaluation and program operations of grant-funded service-learning projects in school and community settings. He also co-directs Sister Island Project, a nonprofit organization working in rural communities in the Dominican Republic.